SC 2.2 Contents

Hey urrrbody, here’re the contents of our latest issue! You may be able to guess its theme…

  • Angela Woodward – Freedom [fiction]
  • Mercedes Lawry – Stick Girl, Working Girl, Solitude and Its Suspended Alternative [poetry]
  • Sybil Baker – When We Were Girls [flash]
  • Sandra Faulkner – Pacifier Ode [poem]
  • Karen Neuberg – Waving Its Shaky [poem]
  • Janis Butler Holm – Door-to-Door Love [flash]
  • Jennifer Clark – Mango Jesus [nonfiction]
  • Justine Chan – Mastermind [prose poem]
  • Diane Henningfeld – Snatches [poem]
  • Emma Powell – The Shadow Catcher’s Daughter [photography] (excerpt)
  • Jacqueline May – Meat [flash]
  • Monic Ductan – Man Sold Separately [poem]
  • Melissa Dias-Mandoly – The Fly [poem]
  • Maude Larke – Black and Sour, Blason II [poetry]
  • Marianne Mckey – Picture [fiction]
  • Donna Girouard – Shhh [essay]
  • Lindsey Gates-Markel – Monologue [fiction]
  • Joan Colby – What Is Saved [poem]
  • Dominika Bednarska – Light Moves [prose poem]


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