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Ivan de Monbrison: drawings

It’s a good week for halloweeny images. But, also and too, for fine drawings. We loved Ivan de Monbrison‘s and had to have more (website). We would comment further but talking about art is hard. Get the proper issue here — as a PDF (hi def) or in print (b&w) or both! We could use the money. Anyways, more below the fold:

Ivan de Monbrison (1) Study for a character

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Storm Cellar 3.1 Out Now!

The fall 2013 issue — titled “Super/Drag” — is here. Check it: handsome 100-page softcover, or a PDF ebook, or both!

POETRY by Gary Jackson, Carol HamiltonEric Thompson, Aaron Anstett, Amber Edmondson, Doug Bolling, George Eklund, Jennifer A. McGowan, John Palen, Kimberly Prijatel, Sarah Coury, Edward A. Dougherty
FICTION by Jennifer Caloyeras, Autumn Jackson, Eric Prochaska, Xenia Taiga
FLASH by Michael Chaney, Philip Kobylarz, Jennifer Kovelan, Nicholas Miller, Meredith Summers, Mayah El_Dehaibi
NONFICTION by Sjohnna McCray, Josette Kubaszyk, Katie Johansen
ART by Ivan de Monbrison, Emily Hake (sample 125), Sasha Piergeorge, Otha “Vakseen” Davis III

Otha ‘Vakseen’ Davis II's "Heartache Sit Down."


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