Holly Painter: Tell Me a Story

Don’t stray too far today, or do — stray far and further. We’re making carefully this request from our archive — Holly Painter‘s “Tell Me a Story“:

Holly Painter - Tell Me a Story [sample]

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It’s been a lovely #NaPoMo, y’all. Read on!

Vanessa Couto Johnson: four poems

From the not-so-lang-syne times of SC 3.2, we’re happy to reproduce these well-wired negatives and abstracts of life incidents, four poems by Vanessa Couto Johnson: “en(try),” “k(itch)en,” “(sw)um,” and “anon.”

Vanessa Couto Johnson - four poems [sample-2]



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Tom Howard: Ghosts

Preëmpting further procession of the celestial spheres, which probably is a lie anyway, here’s Tom Howard’s cold flash, “Ghosts“:

Tom Howard - Ghosts [sample]

“Ghosts” originally appeared in Storm Cellar 3.2 — order a fresh back issue or DL yr ebook, son. Subscribers keep us alive this link claims. Read on!

Amanda Tumminaro: Disability

No holding back. Here’s Amanda Tumminaro’s “Disability.”

Amanda Tumminaro - Disability [sample]

This poem originally appeared in Storm Cellar 3.2. Purchase or download a copy from our store; or better yet: subscribe. Read on!

Oh Look, a Push Cart

This year we had some hard decisions to make — Pushcart Prize nominations are tough, because we love what we publish here at Storm Cellar. In no particular order:

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