2019 Force Majeure Flash Contest Winners

Announcing the winners of the 2019 Force Majeure Flash Contest!

1st Prize:
Chila Woychik – The Importance of Air

2nd Prizes:
Anthony DiPietro – Possession Diary
Z Kennedy-Lopez – Scrounge

Honorable Mention:
Lindsay Reeve – Cake
Pınar Yaşar – The Future
Lee Anne Gallaway-Mitchell – Combustion

This year’s short list and winners were selected from hundreds of flashes, and all our entrants made the decision super hard! Our heartiest thanks to everyone for participating.

The winners will be published in SC 8.2. Love to all, and: Read on!



It’s the endweek of the long year, maybe the longest yet, and there is already so much behind us, Reader, that here we wish you just a glimmering growing thing and a shimmering shimmer, Lauren Sanderson’s “KISS ME NOW THE WAR IS OVER“:

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Rosemarie Dombrowski: On the Art of Disappearing

Today’s share is as scalding and ephemeral as steam, a flash-CNF that won second prize in the 2018 Force Majeure Flash Contest, it’s Rosemarie Dombrowski’s [>>] “On the Art of Disappearing“:


This flash appears in in SC 7.1, available in print and as an ebook right here. Do subscribe for more, and read on!

Danielle Susi: Back Door to the Seventh House

Today’s reading comes to us from the star powers of Danielle Susi, “Back Door to the Seventh House“:

Danielle Susi - Back Door to the Seventh House[sample]

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Rachel Jamison Webster: Memory Tell Memory

From the archive today we’ve levitated Rachel Jamison Webster’s pouring forth of petals and tusks and gravitational waves, “Memory Tell Memory”:

Rachel Jamison Webster - Memory Tell Memory [sample]

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