It’s the endweek of the long year, maybe the longest yet, and there is already so much behind us, Reader, that here we wish you just a glimmering growing thing and a shimmering shimmer, Lauren Sanderson’s “KISS ME NOW THE WAR IS OVER“:

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Rosemarie Dombrowski: On the Art of Disappearing

Today’s share is as scalding and ephemeral as steam, a flash-CNF that won second prize in the 2018 Force Majeure Flash Contest, it’s Rosemarie Dombrowski’s [>>] “On the Art of Disappearing“:


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Danielle Susi: Back Door to the Seventh House

Today’s reading comes to us from the star powers of Danielle Susi, “Back Door to the Seventh House“:

Danielle Susi - Back Door to the Seventh House[sample]

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Rachel Jamison Webster: Memory Tell Memory

From the archive today we’ve levitated Rachel Jamison Webster’s pouring forth of petals and tusks and gravitational waves, “Memory Tell Memory”:

Rachel Jamison Webster - Memory Tell Memory [sample]

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Elizabeth Crowell: two poems

If only we could bake our way out of all strife, readers! Today we share two poems by Elizabeth Crowell we hope will strike your heart:

Elizabeth Crowell - two poems [sample]

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