Pushcart Nominations 2016

We’re pleased to announce our Pushcart Prize nominations for 2016:


Kelsey Allen: Heartbeat

A strange attractor is the state the system tends toward for a variety of starting conditions. Somehow, however you start you end up in the same place. Fate can feel like a whirlpool in other words. Today, Kelsey Allen’s short fiction “Heartbeat“:

Kelsey Allan - Heartbeat[sample]

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Tasha LeClair: Exploded View

What is inside this growing thing under all this sun heaped up on the plains? Let Tasha LeClair answer with this story, “Exploded View,” originally published in SC 4.1:

Tasha LeClair - Exploded View[sample]

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Julia Butschkow – Hansen

Dear Reader, the cottonwoods are seeding and we’re thinking of running away to become artists and summer’s ready to get its melt on and we’re all hankering for ice cream. Today’s share from SC 5.1 is Jula Butschkow’s story “Hansen,” delightfully translated by Peter Sean Woltemade. Check it:

Julia Butschkow - Hansen trans. Peter Woltemade[sample_facing]
Printed on facing pages.
Julia Butschkow - Hansen trans. Peter Woltemade[sample]


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Leah Christianson: Call Your Daughter

This week our share is Leah Christianson’s touching story “Call Your Daughter.” Forward this to your dad. Or your mom. Or your daughter. Or whoever needs it.

Leah Christianson - Call Your Daughter[sample]

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