“Snow White” by Skaidrite Stelzer

Today’s lesson is How to Be a Queen. We do not know how to communicate this to you. We have a little violence inside. We’ve got brambles growing out our collarbones. But for insight see inside this familiar derangement of myth, the inimitable Skaidrite Stelzer’s “Snow White”:Skaidrite Stelzer - Snow White [sample][continue reading…]

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New Poem by Don Russ

A glimpse of moving colors, warm & way, way out: Don Russ’ “Camera Obscura.”

Don Russ - Camera Obscura [sample]

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New Poem by Amanda Watters

A fair comes to town. The simple setup for ten thousand summer adventures. Do we believe any of these stories? And what happens after? Let’s listen in. Amanda Watters’ “Carnival” appears in Storm Cellar 3.2 (print / pdf):Amanda Watters - Carnival [sample]


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New Poem by Sara Biggs Chaney

Today’s #NaPoMo addition belongs to Sara Biggs Chaney, who constructed for us a lovely — what does one call it? — pastiche made of veins and spleens and things. Read it properly along with the rest of Storm Cellar #3.2 by purchasing here (print / pdf). Read “Someone: a Portrait in Whitespace“:Sara Biggs Chaney - Someone- a Portrait in Whitespace [sample]

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Five new poems by Simon Perchik

Si Perchik’s five poems kick off vol. III no. 2 with a little life and death. No need for further elaboration; simply get it here.
Simon Perchik - five poems [sample-1]

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