Lisa Balvanz: Deleted Scenes

We here have always had a thing for the stories of stories, the causes of stories, the interpenetration and interdependence of stories. Unboxed from the archive today we slyly present Lisa E. Balvanz’s shutter-flashed fiction, “Deleted Scenes“:

Lisa E. Balvanz – Deleted Scenes [sample]

This short story originally appeared in Storm Cellar 2.3. Pick up a print copy & download it over here; subscribe like your life is missing something; and — read on!

Jennifer A. McGowan: Excuse Me, Mr. Sandburg

We’re so brightened, on a low-slung cloudy a.m., to lift from the archive a little piece of brass-and-pillow response to old Carl‘s call — from SC 3.1, it’s Jennifer McGowan‘s “Excuse Me, Mr. Sandburg.”

Jennifer A. McGowan - Excuse Me, Mr. Sandburg [sample]1


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Harmony Neal: Phoenix

“Swimsuit season” sounds like something Elmer Fudd cleans his shotgun for. And we have learned from an early age to climb the social ladder, haven’t we? These things are connected by the appetites. A solution comes now in SC 4.2, Harmony Neal’s surgically effective “Phoenix“:

Harmony Neal - Phoenix [sample]


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Holly Painter: Tell Me a Story

Don’t stray too far today, or do — stray far and further. We’re making carefully this request from our archive — Holly Painter‘s “Tell Me a Story“:

Holly Painter - Tell Me a Story [sample]

This poem originally appeared in SC 3.2; support the artist, support the arts: buy and download Storm Cellar, kids, or even get plenty of stories delivered when you subscribe.

It’s been a lovely #NaPoMo, y’all. Read on!

John Palen: Biophilia on the Middle Fork

Spring lions off, it lambs out, with harsh and unforgiving burgeoning. Let’s wade into John Palen’s barefooted compromise, “Biophilia on the Middle Fork“:

John Palen – Biophilia on the Middle Fork [sample]

This poem originally appeared in SC 3.1. Support the artist, support the clams: subscribe! Or get your single issues through our store. Read on!


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