Carol Guess & Kelly Magee: With Hippo

Preview a new story from the forthcoming Storm Cellar 4.1 (Aug. 15!), the ever-generous Guess & Magee’s Hippopotamus-based animalia (it’ll appear in their forthcoming With Animal):

Kelly Magee and Carol Guess - With Hippo [sample]


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Justine Chan: Mastermind

Today we’re sneaking in a prose poem from SC 2.2 by multitalented artist Justine Chan: “Mastermind.” We hereby award this poem the Best Use of Shoulderhorse Award. Seriously:

Justine Chan - Mastermind[sample]

New Poem by Terrell Jamal Terry: Hide and Seek a Citrus Boat

Fresh off Storm Cellar 4.1, it’s spectacular cold comfort from hot poet Terrell Jamal Terry: “Hide and Seek a Citrus Boat.” Support the author and the magazine—purchase a copy in savory print and sweet ebook formats. Read on!

Terrell Jamal Terry - Hide and Seek a Citrus Boat

Dominika Bednarska: “Light Moves”

Rising from the archive like giant kelp from the continental shelf, here’s “Light Moves,” by poet & performer Dominika Bednarska [>>].

Dominika Bednarska - Light Moves [sample]


“Light Moves” appeared in SC 2.2 — our first “Women” theme issue. Consider supporting Storm Cellar by purchasing an issue in print or ebook format: over here. Read on!

New Story by Stacy Graber: “Theory Slut”

What even could we say about a story called “Theory Slut”? We nabbed it for Storm Cellar 4.1, and we’re not sorry. Have fun:

Stacy Graber - Theory Slut[sample]


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New Issue Out Now!

WOO-WEE! Contents and samples of Storm Cellar Vol. IV No. 1 appear here. Read the whole deal by purchasing or downloading a copy over thisaway (all revenue goes into production of the magazine). Thank you, to our amazing authors and artists!

This is our “Watershed” issue. Have we mentioned our home office has relocated to the subtle environs of Milwaukee? That’s still storm-cellar country, but perhaps with more lake, yeah? C’mon — it’s going to be great.

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