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It is our great pleasure to bring you Storm Cellar Vol. IV No. 2, Spring 2015, nicknamed “As Body Is to Fetish.”


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Contributors [>>outside links]

FICTION: Lee Ann Roripaugh [>>], Harmony Neal [>>],Joseph Harris [>>], & Kelsey Allan [>>]

FLASH: Jacob Aiello [>>], Meredith Alling [>>], Martin Porter [>>], & Olivia Wolfgang-Smith [>>]

POETRY: Sea Sharp [>>], John Gallaher [>>], Rachel Jamison Webster [>>], Jenni B. Baker [>>], Elizabeth J. Colen [>>], Elizabeth Crowell [>>], Carlton D. Fisher [>>], Douglas Luman [>>], Jessica M. Lockhart [>>], Rachael Peckham [>>], Marc Santos [>>], Marvin Shackelford [>>], & Devon Wootten [>>]

IMAGES: Leonard Kogan [>>], Luke David Mechem [>>], & Thomas Gillaspy [>>]

PLUS: Rejected ’Ships, with covers by Andrea Joyce Heimer [>>] and Ben Hopper [>>]

Thanks to these fine artists, and to everyone who submitted their work. Thanks for reading.

NEW by Sea Sharp: Two Poems

Oh my goodness, chochachos! Check out these sacrificial poems from Storm Cellar 4.2 by Sea Sharp: “The Tallgrass Shuffles” and “Journey of the Midwestern Queen“:

Sea Sharp - two poems[sample]

Our newest issue is nicknamed “As Body Is to Fetish” — as what is to what, you can read and decide.

Read on!

Kimberly Prijatel: For he awarded golden fleece

The longest journey breaks us up. We sift for precious elements. One hand for yourself and one hand for this selection from the archive, Kimberly Prijatel’s “For he awarded golden fleece“:

Kimberly Prijatel - For he awarded golden fleece[sample]

This poem originally appeared in SC 3.1. Get the latest issues in print and ebook formats from our store. Or help us keep our ship aright: subscribe. Read on!

Jenny Ferguson: Two Flashes

Here, south of a border, the slings and arrows of our own devising cut us well (or something like that — we can’t remember, we’re so in love with the ideal of love right now). Enjoy these postcards freshly conserved from the archive, Jenny Ferguson’s “Guatemala III” and “Guatemala IV”:

Jenny Ferguson - two flashes1

Jenny’s novel-in-flashes, Border Markers, is forthcoming from NeWest Press in 2016. These flashes originally appeared in SC 2.3. Check out the latest issues and downloads from our store, or keep our blood flowing and subscribe! Read on, chochachos.

Joan Colby: What Is Saved

Today’s rescue from the archives is Februarial poetry on loss and stop-loss, from two-time contributor Joan Colby, “What Is Saved“:

Joan Colby - What Is Saved[sample]

This poem originally appeared in SC 2.2; download or get a copy of our latest over at the store. We love new subscribers so freshly and to the quick, we swear. Read on!


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