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George Eklund: Sketch in Early Fall

Descending gently from the archive, comes now George Eklund’s “Sketch in Early Fall,”originally published in SC 3.1.

George Eklund - Sketch in Early Fall[sample]


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Andrew Johnson: two flashes

Here now, two fine flashes lovingly restored to mint condition by Andrew Johnson: “Pulsing” and “Ring Nebula, First Entry.” Get them before they jet off to other parts:

Andrew Johnson - Ring Nebula, First Entry [sample-2]

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F.J. Bergmann: Retrograde

Sighted in the starry sky of the archive, here’s a poem by F.J. Bergmann for uncanny eyes: “Retrograde,” originally published in SC 2.3.

F. J. Bergmann - Retrograde[sample]

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Patricia O’Donnell: Electricity

It’s drive-ins and Caddys and going back after disasters: in SC 4.1, Patricia O’Donnell’s black-earth walking tour is “Electricity.”

Patricia O'Donnell - Electricity[sample]

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