Announcing Storm Cellar vol. IV no. 1

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It’s coming, it’s coming! We’re pleased to announce the publication of SC 4.1, nicknamed “Watershed,” on 15 August 2014.

Kelly Magee and Carol Guess, Tasha LeClair, Stacy Graber, Leah Christianson, Jennifer Yu, & Jennifer Leeney Adrian

Roberta Hatcher, Alejandro Escudé, Terrell Jamal Terry, Beth Towle, Jenna Rindo, Harmony Button, Jim Davis, Andrew Cox, Beth McDermott, Mark Ward, Todd Osborne, Sarah Sloat

Jeff Burt, Elizabeth Reed, Karen Weyant, & Patricia O’Donnell

Kari Gunter-Seymour

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Elizabeth Reed: “Sitting for the Photo”

Creative nonfiction, this essay from the forthcoming Storm Cellar 4.1 [pre-release ebook/preorder print] homes in on the sharp, vibrating edge of living through one’s child. It’s Elizabeth Reed’s “Sitting for the Photo”:

Elizabeth Reed - Sitting for the Photo [sample]


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Carol Guess & Kelly Magee: “With Hippo”

Preview a new story from the forthcoming Storm Cellar 4.1 (Aug. 15!), the ever-generous Guess & Magee’s Hippopotamus-based animalia (it’ll appear in their forthcoming With Animal):

Kelly Magee and Carol Guess - With Hippo [sample]


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Asylum Lake by John Abbott

Get away from whatever slumps your July. Refresh. Seek “Asylum Lake” by John Abbott, sluiced down from our archives:

John Abbott - Asylum Lake [sample]

This poem originally appeared in Storm Cellar 2.1. Download a current or back issue here, or get the slick ‘n’ pretty print version, and support our artists! Or send us your most surprising work over thisaway. Or both.

Publication deets for issue 4.1 are forthcoming, so stay alive, campers. Read on!

Two Poems by J.R. Kangas

Heading into a firework, here’s a reminder that light comes in bottles and jars and streams and faraway satellites. Drawn up from the archives, we’re so happy to present J.R. Kangas’ “Luminescence” and “Big Moon”:

J. R. Kangas - Luminescence; Big Moon [sample]


Download the PDF or purchase a print copy and support Storm Cellar and her authors. These poems originally appeared in issue 2.1. Read on!


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