Todd Osborne: How to Cook

It is an indulgence this morning to offer from our pantry this sixwise instructional: Todd Osborne’s “How to Cook.”

Todd Osborne - How to Cook[sample]

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Noah Kucij: Austerities

Today we’re posting a little empathy, or at least a question, packaged beautifully and delivered of our archive with the brutal minimum of sinistrous verbiage: Noah Kucij’s “Austerities.”

Noah Kucij - Austerities [sample]


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Eric Prochaska – Guts

Today a fiction lifted down from the top shelf of our archive, the twisty fillet of Eric Prochaska’s “Guts“:

Eric Prochaska - Guts[sample]

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Roberta Hatcher – American Notebook

To our worldwide Anglophone friends, please allow a moment of indulgence. From our archive, a dulcet-piquant remembrance all well-aware and well-founded in its multifaceted tremolo: Roberta Hatcher’s “American Notebook.”

Roberta Hatcher - American Notebook [sample]

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Karen Weyant: Phoebe Cates’s Bikini

…And so summer became officially a thing. Turning points are reached, even if their significance is not fully realized just then. We’re delighted today to steer you to this selection from the archive: Karen Weyant’s “Phoebe Cates’s Bikini.”

Karen Weyant - Phoebe Cates's Bikini [sample]

This nonfiction flash first appeared in SC 4.1. Download or purchase over here and definitely, most definitely, subscribe. Read on!


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