Vanessa Couto Johnson: four poems

From the not-so-lang-syne times of SC 3.2, we’re happy to reproduce these well-wired negatives and abstracts of life incidents, four poems by Vanessa Couto Johnson: “en(try),” “k(itch)en,” “(sw)um,” and “anon.”

Vanessa Couto Johnson - four poems [sample-2]



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NEW Poem by Rachael Peckham: Life Flight

Prose poem to the rescue! Prose poem to the rescue! Lift your swerving head for Rachael Peckham’s contribution to SC 4.2, “Life Flight“:

Rachael Peckham - Life Flight [sample]

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NEW Poem by Carlton D. Fisher: M Explains How to Become Invisible

Is the crowd overwhelming, and everywhere a crowd? From our newest issue, we share this famous reply by Carlton D. Fisher, “M Explains How to Become Invisible.”

Carlton D Fisher - M Explains How to Become Invisible [sample]

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Check It: Bookfair #AWP15

Storm Cellar folks and stuff at Table 1025, right in the middle of things, thanks to the kindness of The Laurel Review.





See you there!

NEW poems by John Gallaher

Issue 4/2 rolls on, y’all. A given: a choice. There is a landscape and in that landscape a brain. We’re delighted to fold back the meniscus of these gyri, courtesy John Gallaher: “Sadness is the Correct Emotion” & “However Bad You Had It We Had It Worse.”

John Gallaher - two poems [sample2]

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