NEW Flash – Carolyn Guinzio: Drift

When is a journey a destination? When the inverse? Today we’re delighted to share Carolyn Guinzio’s address to the question, or at least she tells us how to find it ourselves, with “Drift,” from the latest issue.

Carolyn Guinzio - Drift [sample]

This flash appears in Storm Cellar 4.3, available in print thisaway and ebook thataway. As always, our biggest spooky ghost hearts go out to our subscribers. Read on!

NEW Poem – Carol Tyx: Lake Swimming

The last of summer’s heat is passing into the steel coolth of autumn, readers, and here we are so happy to share this poem from the latest issue by Carol Tyx, “Lake Swimming“:
Carol Tyx - Lake Swimming [sample]

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NEW Story – Emily Cornell du Houx: Sinkhole Tourism

This week’s story is a doozy! All unmaking the ground from beneath us, readers. Read Emily Cornell du Houx’s “Sinkhole Tourism”:

Emily Duhoux - Sinkhole Tourism [sample]

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This story appears in the current issueStorm Cellar 4.3, available here and downloadable too. We’ve heard that if you subscribe, you will hover (this is insubstantial, as far as we know). Read on.

NEW Poem – Christine Bettis: Lots

Dear Readers, September and sundering, a disillusionment or a destruction (something like that), a gain of sorts, long run, well after, scintillating to the point of retinal burn-in. We are so electrified to share today’s prose poem by Christine Bettis, “Lots“:

Christine Bettis - Lots [sample]

This poem appears in our sparkling-new Storm Cellar #4.3, in print here with downloads over there. Read on!

NEW Essay – Courtney Kersten: The Disappearing Midwestern Girlhood: an Ethnography

Girl-children! What was it like to be one of these vanishing creatures? Courtney Kersten investigates with “The Disappearing Midwestern Girlhood: An Ethnography,” out now in our latest, Storm Cellar 4.3.

Courtney Kersten - The Disappearing Midwestern Girlhood- An Ethnography [sample]

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