New Essay- Jay Hansford C. Vest: Sixteen Bones and a Warrior

What we remember is what we remember, and what we believe others remember matters just as much. We’re proud today to share, from the latest issue, Jay Hansford C. Vest‘s transgenre essay “Sixteen Bones and a Warrior“:

Jay Hansford C. Vest - Sixteen Bones and a Warrior [sample]

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Jenna Rindo: Once in a Hospital in Madison

That which we look away from routinely, having forgotten its horror. That which is nauseatingly inevitable. Reader, we want to look away and look and look with you. We’re honored to share this poem by Jenna Rindo, “Once in a Hospital in Madison“:

Jenna Rindo - Once in a Hospital in Madison [sample]

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Katie Johansen: two CNF flashes

It’s a rough edged front rolling in, though they say this winter’ll be milder than last. Today from the archive we’re proud to provide these brief creative nonfiction pieces by Katie Johansen, from SC 3.1, “Hard Candy” and “Delicate”:

Katie Johansen - Hard Candy; Delicate [sample]2

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Andrew Cox: Arkansas Poem

At Storm Cellar, the hits keep coming, and maybe you bleed into your eye a bit, but it’s fine, it’s fine. We’re so happy to share from the vault today a poem by Andrew Cox, which may or may not cast an Ozarklian shadow: “Arkansas Poem.”

Andrew Cox - Arkansas Poem [sample]

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Joel Peckham: Phys-Ed

O Reader, the Autumn pops of collar bones and skull bones colliding are amongst us. Or is that rugby? Nevertheless, join a third and more exuberant sport with this blue-ribbon prose poem by Joel Peckham from the archive: “Phys-Ed.”

Joel Peckham - Phys-Ed [sample]

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