Lindsey Gates-Markel: Monologue

Growing up, or growing blind, or something in between, an unavoidable consequence of autonomy, don’t you think? From our first theme issue, “women,” comes Lindsey Gates-Markel’s short fiction “Monologue.”

Lindsey Gates-Markel - Monologue [sample]

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Tom Howard: Ghosts

Preëmpting further procession of the celestial spheres, which probably is a lie anyway, here’s Tom Howard’s cold flash, “Ghosts“:

Tom Howard - Ghosts [sample]

“Ghosts” originally appeared in Storm Cellar 3.2 — order a fresh back issue or DL yr ebook, son. Subscribers keep us alive this link claims. Read on!

Sarah Stanton: Swarm

Repopulated from the archive after an ominous rest, here’s a poem for chilled clouds and chained winds, Sarah Stanton’s “Swarm”:

Sarah Stanton - Swarm [sample]

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NEW Essay: Jeff Burt’s “I Am Homeless”

Welcome, 2015 and winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. There are those among us who have less, whose desire has been honed down, oh, so far. Let us look, really look. Consider this short essay on being displaced, from our latest issue, Jeff Burt’s “I Am Homeless—Twelve Steps“:

Jeff Burt - I Am Homeless—Twelve Steps[sample]

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Elaine Moynahan: Snapshot

The boxes are open, the sweaters unfurled, the trees all watered finally, the children (grown now) napping anyway. An album in a drawer, a frame on a lintel. Enjoy Elaine Moynahan’s delicate “Snapshot“:

Elaine Moynahan - Snapshot [sample]

This poem originally appeared in Storm Cellar 2.3; get a copy, or the latest issue, from our store. Read on!


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