Roberta Hatcher – American Notebook

To our worldwide Anglophone friends, please allow a moment of indulgence. From our archive, a dulcet-piquant remembrance all well-aware and well-founded in its multifaceted tremolo: Roberta Hatcher’s “American Notebook.”

Roberta Hatcher - American Notebook [sample]

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Karen Weyant: Phoebe Cates’s Bikini

…And so summer became officially a thing. Turning points are reached, even if their significance is not fully realized just then. We’re delighted today to steer you to this selection from the archive: Karen Weyant’s “Phoebe Cates’s Bikini.”

Karen Weyant - Phoebe Cates's Bikini [sample]

This nonfiction flash first appeared in SC 4.1. Download or purchase over here and definitely, most definitely, subscribe. Read on!

Jennifer Markell: My Father Fell for FDR

Sunday is indeed the longest day of the year (here in the north). As the ground moves into the long climb toward perihelion, keep in mind this poem from the archive by Jennifer Markell: “My Father Fell for FDR.”

Jennifer Markell - My Father Fell for FDR [sample]

This poem originally appeared in SC 3.2.

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Nicholas Miller: Unbending

We are fans of magical thinking, and we are fans of thinking magic. Conjured from the archive today: Nicholas Miller’s telekinetic flash, “Unbending.”

Nicholas Miller - Unbending [sample]



This flash fiction originally appeared in SC 3.1. Your own excellent copy can be had here, or if you’re an e-reader, download. The best thing to do if you want to find out what the deal is with dads? Subscribe, of course. And. Read on!

Janeen Rastall: With the Prick of a Pin

Stay up late, stay up late, stay up late, keep a torch by the bedside. In the best version of summer, much growing is done, much is learned by doing. Here’s Janeen Pergrin Rastall’s pointillistic “With the Prick of a Pin”:

Janeen Rastall – With the Prick of a Pin[sample]

This poem originally appeared in SC 2.3. Here are links to buy, to download, and to subscribe. Read on!


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