CNF by Shelby Stephenson: from Country

Sometimes pushing form just comes down to feeling through natural joints in the language. We were delighted when Shelby Stephenson shared this chapter of memoir-in-verse from Country:

Shelby Stephenson - from Country [sample]

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Aaron Anstett: Onlookers

If the worst, most spectacular thing threatens, should we root for it? Jump-scaring us from behind the door to the archive, it’s Aaron Anstett’s “Onlookers“:

Aaron Anstett - Onlookers [sample]

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We Get Press

This week Chelsey Clammer reviews Storm Cellar 4.1 at The Review Review.


Stephanie Dickinson: three flashes

Pumped from the archive like cold aquifer water, we’re happy to serve three flashes by Stephanie Dickinson: “Emily and the Hobo,” “Emily and the Mule Man,” and “Emily and the Scarlet Fever Deity.”

Stephanie Dickinson - three flashes [sample]

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NEW poem by Sarah Sloat: Smoking Jacket

Dangerously appropriate to the season and to #NationalPoetryDay, we present Sarah Sloat’s contribution to SC 4.1, “Smoking Jacket“:

Sarah Sloat - Smoking Jacket[sample]


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