Julia Butschkow – Hansen

Dear Reader, the cottonwoods are seeding and we’re thinking of running away to become artists and summer’s ready to get its melt on and we’re all hankering for ice cream. Today’s share from SC 5.1 is Jula Butschkow’s story “Hansen,” delightfully translated by Peter Sean Woltemade. Check it:

Julia Butschkow - Hansen trans. Peter Woltemade[sample_facing]

Printed on facing pages.

Julia Butschkow - Hansen trans. Peter Woltemade[sample]


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Danielle Susi: Back Door to the Seventh House

Today’s reading comes to us from the star powers of Danielle Susi, “Back Door to the Seventh House“:

Danielle Susi - Back Door to the Seventh House[sample]

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Sea Sharp Wins Pushcart

We joyfully announce: Storm Cellar author Sea Sharp‘s “The Tallgrass Shuffles” (SC 4.2) has been selected for inclusion in The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses XLI (2017)! Our gratitude to the editors of the collection and Bill Henderson, the publisher. Our greatest gratitude to Sea for choosing to share their work with us all.

Read the poem:

Sea Sharp - The Tallgrass Shuffles[3] Sea Sharp - The Tallgrass Shuffles[4]

Storm Cellar #5.1

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John Allen – Piece Parts
Julia Butschkow translated by Peter Sean Woltemade – Hansen
Chila Woychik – A Place Called Place: Flux
Harry Leeds – Survival Guide to the Trans-Siberian Railroad
Meher Ali – A-88
Stephanie Dickinson – Big-Headed Anna Making Soap; Big-Headed Anna Fears the Parish Sheriff Coming for her Make-Believe Baby
Camille Meyer – Little Meal; Slots
Thea Swanson – Home Kids
Dan Nielsen – Can a Weighty Idea Be Uplifting?
Courtney Marie – how to not
Caleb Nelson – Jet Fuel
Robert Fanning – Man And Corpse at the Bridge; Family Dinner
Gen Del Raye – Homecoming
Danielle Susi – Back Door to the Seventh House
Kimberly Ann – Theodicy
Alan Jernigan – Kind of Saved Again; Sadness Morphs into Luck
Daniel Hales – How to Make the Light Come
Joel Allegretti – For Those Who Seek a Blank Canvas
Marc Harshman – Holding On; Seascape in Kansas
Virginia Smith Rice – I Meant to Close the Window
Azia DuPont – Fat Power; NO
Nathan Nielsen – Cracked; Ant Glen
Stephanie Flood – Roses
Samantha Fortenberry – Are You There; Chocolates and Rubber Duckies; Bubbles Bitches; Green Apples; Happy New Year; Hats
Samantha Peterson – girl with crane
Bill Wolak – Spell for a Desire Ageless as Summer
Cover by Rob Jefferson
Rejected: Workouts

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Douglas Luman: A Brief History of Arson

The month of drawing-the-knife is well half over, yeah? Oh Reader, we want to tell you about this Spring we’ve kindled. (Soon.) Today’s vernal equinox gift is Douglas Luman‘s brillo “A Brief History of Arson“:

Douglas Luman - A Brief History of Arson[sample]

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