Laura Bernstein-Machlay: Vessels

Our many (many) decorative gourds’ll serve to hold tiny scratched and puff-paint’d bits of memory as long as they last, no? Yes and today, we’re sharing Laura Bernstein-Machlay’s essay “Vessels” from the latest issue:



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Storm Cellar #5.2 OUT NOW

We’re delighted to announce Storm Cellar Vol. V No. 2, Fall 2016, “The Wick Offers the Wax.” Check it in: printebook.



Ethan Forrest Ross – Scabs
Michelle Ross – Winkelsucher
J. E. Reich – Old Country 
Jeff Ewing – Riverside
Curtis VanDonkelaar – Larry and Charlene in Three Acts 

Jefferson Navicky – El Beardo
Brenna Womer – Two Week Guarantee
Ann Stewart McBee – Not Even Max
Max Delsohn – The Aim 

Ana Arredondo – Wild Silent Drums
Matt Muilenburg – The Leadoff Men
Laura Bernstein-Machlay – Vessels 

Lori Lamothe – Mind Fishing
Rebecca O’Bern – Little Lamb
Ari Wolff – Any Object Can Become Memorabilia
Jaime Garcia – Rubidoux
Melissa Atkinson Mercer – Please say something different
Erica Wright – American Burial Rites; American New Year
Sara Ryan – Wooly Bones
Jesse De Angelis – Poem for Earth
John Sibley Williams – As Spectator to Unenduring Things
Sarah Ann Winn – Introducing the Midwest Amazon 

Amy Kotthaus – Window; Above
Adam J. Gellings – Museum Maps
Christine Stoddard – Bayou Gator 8; I Dream of Elephants
David Todd McCarty – Rodeo Chico
Olivia Inwood – Spatial Transformation #8
Nicole Edine – To Life
Kristi Kohut – Velvet Agate
Jes Trejo – Shoot the Freak
W. Jack Savage – Collecting
Harry Wilson – Ileene’s Dance to the Old Year #3
Cover by Brian Michael Barbeito – A view of the fairgrounds in muted color  

Rejected Atlantic Crossings


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Max Delsohn: The Aim

Take this too, readers, a rad slash mad flash from the forthcoming SC 5.2 by Max Oliver Delsohn, “The Aim“:


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Sarah Ann Winn: Introducing the Midwest Amazon

Readers, today of all days is #NationalPoetryDay and we’re here with a preview from the next issue (due Monday!) (!!!) — it’s Sarah Ann Winn’s “Introducing the Midwest Amazon”:


This one’s gonna be great, you guys. (!!!!!!)

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Issue 5.2 coming soon

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cover_verso_72preview20160909a cover_verso_72preview20160909a2

We’re seeking authors who happen to be women or genderqueer (let’s pretend the latter is an umbrella term for everybody who isn’t a full-time man).