Current Issue

Storm Cellar Vol. VII No. 1, Summer 2018, nicknamed “Back Fire” → click for the delicious print and ebook (pdf, epub, mobi) editions.


Peter Krumbach – Home Invasion
Haley Fedor – The Castle
Jeff Frawley – A Trip to the Coast
Ann Marie Gamble – A Shot of B

FLASH — The 2018 Force Majeure Flash Contest
Gen Del Raye – My Mother Takes Me to a Public Bath – 1st Prize
Zoe Canner – c o m p r o m i s e d t h r e s h o l d – 2nd Prize
Rosemarie Dombrowski – On the Art of Disappearing [>>] – 2nd Prize
Tracy Ann Johnson – Neighbors on the Corner – Honorable Mention
Francine Witte – When Tom walks in – Honorable Mention
Jennifer Lynn Krohn – The Heads of Animals – Honorable Mention

Sophia Terazawa – Memory Resurrection, We, the Wretched, Pigs and Battleships
ali lanzetta – wishbones

Autumn Hayes – On Them
Asa Montgomery – The Apples of Maine: a Compilation of the Historical, Physical, and Cultural Characteristics of Apples Known to Have Been Grown in the State of Maine
Maj Ikle – Dyke Shoes
Henry Goldkamp – American DIY
Konstantin Nicholas Rega – Of The

Dana KroosThe Shore, The Fish [>>]
Kari Bell – River of Grass
Michael Chaney & Sara Biggs Chaney – Shadow Crow
Keith Moul – Minnesota Meeting House
Dallas Crow – The Sleepers
Harshal Desai – Faint Precipice
Junzimeizhi – The Novelist
Jessy Randall & Suzie DeGrasse – Weird Bunny #6

covers by Catherine Eaton Skinner (front) [>>] and Timka Szőke (back) [>>], and Rejected Varietals