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Storm Cellar Vol. VI No. 3, Winter 2018, nicknamed “Partition Table” → click for the delicious print and ebook (pdf, epub, mobi) editions.

Sharon Sayegh - Everything That's Magic Happens Here


Katharine Coldiron [>>] – The First Snow
Charlie Watts – Mrs. Pomeroy’s Table
McKenzie Schwark [>>] – My Father, the Deer Hunter

Jenny Torres Sanches [>>] – Maybe All Three 
Kelly DuMar [>>] – Death, Sex, Celebrity: My Vacation Status
Jesica Carson Davis [>>] – Drawing (Out) the Poem

Kimberly Priest – At the Plant Shoppe in OKC I Learn That I Need to Nurture a Plant
Anne Riesenberg – Sky Full of Birds
Kat Gonso – Daniel
Meher Ali – The Old Woman

Marilyn Cavicchia [>>] – I Can’t Find Jolly Ranchers Anywhere in Australia
Tyler Clark – July, December
William Stratton – Our Speckled Sides
Knar Gavin [>>] – The Genial Body  
Jennifer Hu – Ornament of the Ambulance
Anna Akhmatova trans. Don Mager – Pro Domo Mea
Rose Knapp [>>] – Aramaic West Coast
Claire Castaneda – femscientist.c

Martha Clarkson – I See You
Gail Goepfert – Shadowed Hawk
Yanuary Navarro [>>] – A Friend Like You 2
Laura Page – Aaron’s Rod
Joshua B. Huitz – Grape
Diane Din Ebongue [>>] – The Box
Jade McDougall – lioncopter city
Geoffrey Ellis Aronson – Brookhaven, Atlanta

Covers by Sharon Sayegh [>>][recto] and Ana Prundaru [>>][verso]
Rejected Business Models

Ana Prundaru - Green Ambition